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News Paper & News Headlines Whatsapp Groups

  • There are Join Links for whatsApp Groups in which admin shares the daily all Pakistani Newspaper on regular base. The NewsPaper WhatsApp Groups uploads the NewsPaper in PDF. Every group members can download the all NewsPaper of famous companies. There are also avaiable News Headline for popular News channels of Pakistan like GEO News, ARY News, Sama TV, 92 News, Bol New etv. Following NewsPapers are available on daily bases:
  • Daily Jhang
  • Daily Express
  • Daily Pakistan
  • Nawa-i-waqat
  • Pakistan Today
  • Daily Nai Baat
  • The Nation
  • Roznama Ausaf
  • Aaj
  • Dawn
  • Daily Dunya
  • Daily Times
  • And all others Newspapers Download in PDF format.
  • Geo News Head Lines Videos
  • ARY News Head Lines Videos
  • Sama, 92, Bol, GNN & Othe News TV channels Headlines Videos

How to Join NewsPaper WhatsApp groups !

  • All interested readers , there are the list of WhatsApp Newspaper Groups Links, Please join any one group (except full)
  • If one group is full, then try next group link.
  • Dears ! join only one group, because in all groups , same updates.
  • In that groups only admins can send the newspaper because if all allow, then everyone share the non-relivant material, which cause the disturbance of all members.
  • Others have any , problem can contact with admin.
  • Our teams, Share the all newspapers on daily bases.
  • There are not any type of charges, Its free of cost (Just for Prayers)

WhatsApp Groups Join Link for Daily NewsPapers in Pakistan:

Note: Please Join only one group

Group Link 1: chat.whatsapp.com/DT1YDcHmv9jC3LoYe4HAoJ

Group Link 2: chat.whatsapp.com/JHKxLe4aEeG9Ixnwh8hQkK

Group Link 3: chat.whatsapp.com/IelCMQUmC453wmsCtHPR22

Group Link 4: chat.whatsapp.com/HcziPX2VZgu1ll41HHNo1P

Group Link 5: chat.whatsapp.com/CoFgZ6DWvvSFuUiBnXxtXK

Whatsapp News Group Link 6: chat.whatsapp.com/G2VRk2orhkeHj5J6CiPV4W

Join WhatsApp News Group in Pakistan 7: chat.whatsapp.com/EG24YqKz1slBrzC4J4zjwe

Join WhatsApp News Group in Pakistan 8 : chat.whatsapp.com/FzUIRnIY5SQ2eq09i884J9

All NewsPaper Group 9 : chat.whatsapp.com/DXrOLJxFGMV0xsEIucHlqb

WhastApp Group Link 10: chat.whatsapp.com/H6810Wwglc568T6Wb1P8Q0

WhatsApp Group Link 11: chat.whatsapp.com/KyIWGl5HiiL2FxOQdvMfEq

WhatsApp Group Link 12: chat.whatsapp.com/JGv49NTdyrs0mfxOvsCdl3

WhatsApp Group Link 13: chat.whatsapp.com/JzOaGYJPEXpCXIeCXfxgnl

WhatsApp Group Link 14: chat.whatsapp.com/D1AlV6tZKmZ2emC5bWjoo7

WhatsAppl Group Link 15: chat.whatsapp.com/JG5BWXib9ixHgUxNWmsul8

Note: Please Join Only One Group form Above Given 

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